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On this Palm Sunday (March 23, 2013), I have returned to writing my newsletter.

I also plan to address a lot of relevant issues pertaining to Genesis on this blog site.  This site will also be a place for those who have questions an opportunity to ask them or those who have comments an opportunity to make them provided they be offered with dignity and respect. If you have questions or comments about the topics that I address here or elsewhere, please ask or make them in the remarks section below:

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  1. Keith and Nancy (Lutz) Bangert says:

    Hi Philip, Alan Smith says you guys have been friends for years…small world…he is our apostolic leader at my church New Life Christian in Taylorsville NC.

  2. Rory Lojeske says:

    Dear Philip, I’ve just read your book “The Archaeological Evidence of Noah’s Flood” and found it very rewarding. Thank you for your great work in research, investigation and communicating it on paper. I read a quip of review from one of the online book sellers before purchase and the review left me wondering if your approach to Noah’s Flood would be without miracle and perhaps without God. I found your writings just the opposite and full of great intelligence. The Bible states God smiles on His people who share the truth as I know you have shared the truth of history. Thank you again!

    • ethreshingfloor says:

      Thanks Rory, especially for your particular comment.

      Surprisingly, there have been rationalist explanations of the Flood, but this is not one of them.

      Yes, I very much believe in God’s supernatural and direct intervention in his Creation. These actions cannot be explained in any rational way other than as a special and free act of our Sovereign God. Nor am I a cessationist. I also believe that God continues to supernaturally intervene in his Creation.

      As to why a few reviewers have judged me to be an unbeliever? Probably because I contradict some belief which they hold dearly, but which they have never examined against the Scriptures.

  3. Wayne Szara says:

    Philip, I was the person who gave you the flag in Arcola a few months ago. Read your book which I got into our library. Currently it is checked out.
    I have told our bible study about our chance encounter in the restaurant.

    I have been writing an article for a Christian magazine and I want to get my facts correct. At what height on mt. Ararat did you find most of what is believed to be Noah’s ark?
    Wayne, Palos Hills, Illinois

  4. JN DU PLESSIS says:

    I sent an e-mail already.

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