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News along with answers to fundamental questions pertaining to the Mount Ararat Discovery are being addressed in the Mount Ararat Discovery newsletter to which you may subscribe here.

We will be developing a list of answers to frequently asked questions addressed in the newsletter and posting them here.

If you have questions that I will not be addressing in the newsletters, here is the opportunity and place to ask. Since most of your questions will likely be same as others want to know, we will publish and answer them here.

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  1. Ardon Williams says:

    I am very interested in all information concerning what may be the most amazing archeaolgy discovery in historyalso have been trying to get the NAMI video The days of Noah apocaplsye any help or information would be greatly appreciated

  2. Ardon Williams says:

    Thank you very much Mr Williams for answering my questions and your websitemy problem is that I have the Nami video has to be downloaded to a video device and i don”t currently have any means of doing this but am working on it You certainly may add my Email to your newsletter listMay God bless you in your efforts Ardon Williams

  3. Dennis Punches says:

    Has this been verified by other explorers since then.

  4. Has this structure been measured in any way?

    This is one of the most important facts about the structure. If it is indeed “massive” and someone can give us some general measurements, that would THROW OUT the biggest alternative theory, that it might be some sort of shrine commemorating Noah’s flood. I and my father before me are serious mountaineers and anyone climbing a mountain of this size knows no one is going to haul up the massive weight of the supplies to build a massive structure at 14,000 feet… Maybe a small shrine at very best.

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