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Special NAMI Documentary Screening in Charlotte, NC

NAMI will be screening their new documentary in Charlotte, NC, this coming week, September 17-19, 2011.  Details will soon be posted on this website.

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The knowledge of natives versus the latest technology

A distinguished biblical archaeologist in the first group of Americans to view NAMI’s evidence studied the structure of finished and unfinished timbers lying beneath massive amounts of volcanic rock and ice. He compared what he was seeing to ships that archaeologists … Continue reading

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Understanding the significance of NAMI’s discovery

It is only a matter of time before the scientific world recognizes that the giant ancient maritime-looking artifact that NAMI has discovered so high on Mount Ararat confounds any ordinary explanation, but it is perfectly in line with the account … Continue reading

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Every year, doesn’t someone find Noah’s Ark?

So asked an old acquaintance just after I answered her question about what I was doing. Most of us have the same reaction. We have long heard reports about satellite photographs and rock formations that seem to have the shape … Continue reading

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Unsurprising and surprising responses to the NAMI announcement.

Sharing news about the Ararat discovery draws forth some general responses. As one might expect, the most positive and excited reactions come from believers while explicit unbelievers usually react with instinctive skepticism or hostility. What is surprising is how many … Continue reading

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NAMI will be premiering the documentary of their discovery at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall in Sydney, Australia on August 14, 2011. A second showing will be at the Hong Kong Asia-World Arena on August 27, 2011. A third … Continue reading

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Ready to resume updates

It has been six months since we last updated this site, but we are ready to resume updating the blog. A flurry of updates with important information pertaining to NAMI’s recent discovery will soon be coming. We have been silent … Continue reading

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Analysis of the hoax theory of NAMI’s discovery

Almost from the beginning of their announcement, NAMI’s discovery of the possible remains of Noah’s Ark has been beset by claims that locals have duped this evangelical organization by having secretly planted or constructed the discovered remains. The latest of … Continue reading

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Explaining “caves” on Mount Ararat wherein what might be the remains from the Ark are found

One way that NAMI’s discovery differs from many other claimed reports of the remains of Noah’s Ark is the fact that the NAMI remains have been found in caves near the summit of Mount Ararat. It was precisely the mention … Continue reading

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The Mt. Ararat “volcano” versus the survival of Noah’s Ark remains

A reason frequently mentioned as to why the NAMI discovery cannot be Noah’s Ark is that remains of the Ark could not have survived on a volcano such as Mount Ararat. Most of those making this argument are Young Earth … Continue reading

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A question for Dr. Wieland?

Dr. Carl Wieland from Australia is one of the most respected and responsible thinkers among Young Earth Creationists. Many critics have not bothered to investigate the NAMI discovery, but Wieland has sought to more carefully examined the reported finds. His … Continue reading

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Concerning the straw, spider webs

My earlier post defended the possibility of the preservation of ancient organic material such as the straw depicted in one of the photographs from the site. Having heard more information about the NAMI’s discovery, I learn the site also shows … Continue reading

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How Mount Ararat Fits the Genesis Description

A few critics of the announcement by Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) have pointed out that the Bible does not say that Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat. The text reads: Gen. 8:4 and on the seventeenth day … Continue reading

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Why I am Impressed with NAMI’s Announcement

This week Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) based in Hong Kong announced that they have found what are likely the remains of Noah’s Ark. This is not the first such announcement to be made in recent years. Not surprising, most … Continue reading

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The Ark Discovered?

Today, a group of Hong Kong evangelicals, with the support of the Turkish government authorities, announced that they have found Noah’s ark. I was familiar with their earlier finds. They now have pictures, and descriptions of the ark, together with … Continue reading

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