Every year, doesn’t someone find Noah’s Ark?

So asked an old acquaintance just after I answered her question about what I was doing. Most of us have the same reaction. We have long heard reports about satellite photographs and rock formations that seem to have the shape of Noah’s Ark. In earlier days, we heard about wood pieces found above the tree line. More interesting are the reports of some who claimed to have visited the site of the Ark, but they could not tell us just where those remains were to be found. So, what is different about NAMI’s announcement.

The short answer is that no one needs imaginative help to understand that the evidence NAMI has given looks as if it may have been the Ark. The more we see of it, the more sophisticated and the more like the biblical description of Noah’s Ark it appears than anything we might have imagined. Even more astonishing is that, unlike the reports of recent years where a site has been identified, this one is so very high on the mountain — the  only mountain in the world matching the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. There are deeper and scientific reasons for trusting this report as outlined in the Epilogue of my recent book.

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