Ready to resume updates

It has been six months since we last updated this site, but we are ready to resume updating the blog. A flurry of updates with important information pertaining to NAMI’s recent discovery will soon be coming.

We have been silent for some good reasons, not least being getting ready our newly published book¬†The Archaeological Evidence of Noah’s Flood¬†whose Epilogue covers the history of this discovery along with interesting developments that are available from no other published source. The book also contains high-resolution pictures from inside the discovery. For information about the book, check out the book site by clicking on the book cover in the column on the right.

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  1. Mike N. says:

    The evidence that NAMI has found Noah’s Ark looks rock-solid to me. I know why the secular world doesn’t want to acknowledge the find. I just don’t get why the evangelical world seems embarassed by it. They seem more comfortable just bashing the find or building Noah’s Ark theme parks.

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