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Mount Ararat Discovery Public Support Site

It has been a few years since I have given updates on the Mount Ararat Discovery, even longer since the larger world has heard much about this 2008 discovery made near the top of Mt Ararat in Eastern Turkey by Kurdish native Ahmet Ertugrul (our Parasut) and announced to the world in April, 2010 by Hong Kong-based Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI). You recall how the announcement was immediately engulfed in controversy stemming from charges (based on anonymous sources!) that the discovery was but a fabricated plant. Investigating those charges is how I became involved with this discovery and then became its leading US defender.

Since I last updated you, I have taken leadership of the scientific phase of this discovery, recruiting scientists to study and Americans to help sponsor their work as part of a comprehensive cultural-heritage endeavor that we have called the Mount Ararat Peace (MAP) Project. 

As this website’s name suggests, the purpose of this portal is to keep you informed of the progress and obtain your support for the archaeological investigation of the Mount Ararat Discovery. While the astonishing discovery on Mount Ararat anchors the Mount Ararat Peace (MAP) Project, our cultural-heritage endeavor includes much more: such as the mapping of the archaeological heritage of this area that is most central to the history of the Ancient Near East and to the Bible, but which the Western world has yet to explore.

Our MAP Project is also linked to a world event that is currently occupying the news. That is the Kurdish refugee crisis occurring in Eastern Turkey due to the approaching ISIS armies. Our MAP project includes a solution to give some of these refugees permanent homes, jobs, and a bright future. As part of the Mount Ararat Peace Project, our partners in Turkey have acquired land in the Mt. Ararat region suitable for permanent homes for at least 200 Yazidi and Christian families. Here, I will keep you updated on our plans and actions to assist these refugees and in the resettlement of some of these refugees.

As work on our MAP Project continues, I will let you know about the history of the discovery on Mount Ararat, our plans for the scientific investigation of the site, the history of the peoples in this region, how many of the refugees fleeing ISIS find work on this project, and how all this work is proceeding.